Remotto. A freeware remote PC control solution for the social networking era. Access and control your Facebook friend's desktop with a single click!


Why Remotto?

Accessing your buddy's desktop

Remotto allows you to access and control your friend's desktop. Now easier than ever. It can utilize your Facebook contacts. Just click on your Facebook friend's portrait and you are there.

Social Networking Era UI

Looks familiar? That's right. No studying is required. Access your friends and family desktops from the comfort of a familiarly looking social network messenger.

App Features

This is why Remotto is awesome

Social Network Login
Authorize with Facebook. No new accounts. No duplicate contact lists.
Works from behind a firewall
Remotto automatically penetrates firewalls. No need to configure anything. Supports NAT.
UDP Tunnel
Remotto creates a secure point-to-point UDP tunnel to a remote computer. UDP packets go through the Internet with a higher priority. This can significantly reduce network lag when working with a remote screen, especially watching a video.
Lightning Fast File Exchange
Multi threaded file downloader boosts download/upload speed on an average Internet connection by approximately 300%. Probably the fastest way of downloading files from a remote computer via the Internet today.


Here’s some screenshots for your viewing pleasures.


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Download Remotto for Windows

Remotto is free to download and use. Please click the button below to install it.

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